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Television Group continue their annual Preview Night tradition with special screenings.This year’s offerings are the pilot of mid-season thriller “Deception,” as well as exclusive video presentations of “Krypton” and “Black Lightning,” and a new hour-long episode of “Teen Titans Go!Will manages to cope through his school experience, spending all his time with his fellow sidekicks, and his best friend Layla, however, they suffer bullying from the students classified as "Hero".Layla has the mysterious ability to manipulate plants; but as she refused to show it in Power Placement, she has also been ranked as a sidekick.Gimple, Robert Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd, Dave Alpert and Greg Nicotero.(Hall H) pm Cast members Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropolous, Lindsey Morgan, Christopher Larkin, Richard Harmon and EP Jason Rothenberg.In SKY HIGH, the students have wacky teachers, big dates and lots of homework, but they also have to deal with being a hero, a side-kick, or even a super-villain.

To keep you updated on the happenings this year, is compiling a master list of screenings and panels for the July 20-July 23 pop culture convention.

Kurt Russell (Miracle), Kelly Preston (Jerry Maguire), Michael Angarano (Lords of Dogtown, Seabiscuit), Danielle Panabaker (Empire Falls), Steven Strait (Undiscovered) and Mary Elizabeth Winstead (The Ring 2) lead the way, and are joined by stand-out performances from Lynda Carter (TVs Wonder Woman), Bruce Campbell (Army of Darkness), Dave Foley (TVs News Radio), Steven Strait (Undiscovered), Kevin Mc Donald and the legendary Cloris Leachman (TVs Malcolm in the Middle).

It all begins at a secret school in the clouds like none on earth: Sky High, the first and only high school for kids with super-human powers going through crime-fighting puberty.

His only possibility of potentially acquiring powers is to fall into toxic waste (which is just as likely to kill him).

At the end of his first day at high school, the Commander entrusts him with the 'key' to the family's Secret Sanctum (after promising that he will never bring anyone else there); the place where all the family's trophies of past victories are kept, including a strange device called the "Pacifier".

Danielle panabaker and steven strait dating