Essay on dating in the workplace

Although nepotism is in the sense of the word, refers to relatives, it can also mean to allow friends to be incorporated into an organisation or to be granted simply favour in general.

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Nepotism at work refers to favouring relatives in employment or economic terms as opposed to them being judged on ability and/or merit in a specific organisation.

This could include a position over somebody else who may be more suitable for the position, whereby you would be paying a relative more money than somebody doing the same job or granting them special favours.

However, nepotism can be viewed in terms of people giving somebody a boost up to allow them to get into an organisation but will be treated in the same manner as everybody else.

That meant many, many hours of car rides and time spent alone. Randy’s wife was a new mother and her recent role, added to the stress of living in another country, was damaging the marriage. The tension was so palpable it really could have been cut with a knife, as cheesy as that sounds.

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