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She put €82 of meat products into bags, then left the store without paying. Gardai viewed CCTV footage after being called to the incident.

The accused was identified and later attended a garda station, where she was charged. While detained, Fitzpatrick was interviewed and quickly made admissions, said her barrister Emmet Nolan.

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Within 48 hours he had changed grandmothers, saying it was in fact his father's mother before finally admitting that both grannies were alive and that he had lied because he was confused when his girlfriend, Jessica, phoned to say she had suffered a miscarriage.

That Staunton did not hold a grudge after the upheaval his squad suffered, and his own embarrassment at being dragged into the affair, was confirmed by Ireland's inclusion for the games against Germany on Saturday week and Cyprus the following Wednesday."It's history now, just one of those things," Staunton said.

She went through a very difficult time and went "completely off the rails", added Mr Nolan.Join our vibrant community of Donegal singles, and make Donegal dating a pleasure instead of a worry once and for all.Ireland had flown home right after the Republic's 2-2 draw with Slovakia in Bratislava last month, missing the defeat by the Czech Republic four days later, after initially telling officials his maternal grandmother had died.Donegal dating can be a bit of a pain, since a lot of the town's activities cater for tourists rather than locals, but don't let that discourage you.A little bit of imagination goes a long way when it comes to planning dates, so why not consider some of the following ideas: So, if you're looking for the chance to make these dates a reality in your life, be sure to sign up for your free Another profile!