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If you are wondering why I'm quoting Myles' author blurb and why it exists on Jessica Clare's author profile and why it's applicable to a Jessica Sims' book then congratulations - it worked. But with most of her cash tied up in credit card debt, she knows she has to do the unthinkable: hit her mother up for money. Liam Mc Garrity has offered his services…for a discounted rate.Mobile apps have changed the way many of us travel in London. One way they’ve made them better is getting a ride when you need one.

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She just has to keep reminding herself that she already has the perfect boyfriend in her Fed Ex pilot Patrick.

I learned this when I opened the app to try and use it.

They probably plan to expand to London eventually, but as of spring 2017, it’s not available in London.

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The best way to get to know the Stingers is to see us perform at one of our live dates in and around the NYC area. We’ve provided video here from past events as well!