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He doesn't need to ask if they can come inside."Look at him," Brown says. "The scenario is a perfect illustration of the narrative surrounding Oakman, a meme-come-to-life for the athlete who's become an Internet sensation partly for his play—but even more for his appearance.

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Tabbed by one website as the "biggest freak" in the college game, the 6'9", 275-pound Oakman sports a lime-green mohawk.But as these sayings and slogans start to take on a life of their own, the rest of the world typically forgets how they even started in the first place..what they mean at all. News comes in If you're under the age of, say, 40, you've probably said this to someone.And if you've ever made an outlandish claim, someone has probably said this to you.It's the ultimate way to call someone's bluff, and/or call someone's bluff.This meme has been making the pop culture rounds for years, but it's now started to seep into our everyday vernacular.