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Josie says that as her friends have settled down and started having children, it's 'inevitable that my thoughts have turned to whether we should too'.

But, as biographer Sally Bedell Smith notes in her new book, “Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life,” the heir has spent much of his life eclipsed by others.

So, we’ve got the exhibition at Kensington Palace of — where she really shone, for she was, whatever else you say about her, lovely — and the timely reissue of biographies, notably that by Sally Bedell Smith of Prince Charles, which did him no favours, and, still to come, whopping retrospectives for the anniversary by every British newspaper and broadcaster, and most American and Australian ones.

Admittedly, it is only those who were around 20 years ago and who can remember the seismic effect of the death of the princess for whom all this matters, but there are a lot of us. Young people aren’t much exercised by royalty (though fond of the Queen), by titles or by marriage generally — but for those old enough to have been Princess Diana’s contemporaries, the reminder of her existence is oddly moving.

She'd sustained catastrophic head injuries but she somehow survived.

Now, aged 30 (pictured main), and bearing a striking resemblance to her mother Lin (pictured left inset), she's a successful textile artist who has just announced her engagement to her boyfriend of 12 years, Iwan Griffith (shown left).

Is charlie simpson still dating camilla smith