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But quickly I saw that it’s really hard to layer in social to features after the fact.

At My Space we had the luxury of having social first, and building the products on top of that layer.

There are likely some interesting insights to take away from the passwords alone, but it's the email addresses that can help us actually date the thing.

It was a busy time in the world of social networks last week as Google launched its own Facebook rival – Google .Months ago security researcher Leigh-Anne Galloway found a flaw on Myspace‘s account recovery page that allowed anyone to gain access to your decade-old account simply by entering your birthday.As Galloway wrote in a blog post yesterday, she reported the flaw to Myspace, trying to get them to fix it for months—yet heard nothing back from the company.The massive leak includes passwords, email addresses and usernames that were swiped from My Space in a hack dating to June 2013, before My Space made a site redesign that closed some security gaps.In a blog post Tuesday, My Space said it has disabled the affected passwords so that nobody can use the leaked credentials to gain unauthorized access to accounts.