Seth was dating avett

Back in February, her rep confirmed that she and Avett were engaged and expecting their first child, but they never revealed exactly how far along she was.According to Avett's Instagram account, it's been about three months since she gave birth!(one of Fuse's most anticipated projects of the summer, by the way), it's time for you to decide once and for all: Are you a Seth or a Scott?

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Jennifer Carpenter, lead actress on the TV drama series "Dexter", had already ended her marriage with her co-star Michael C.

He recently auditioned (unsuccessfully) for two movie roles – one as the lead in the Coen brothers' and another in an upcoming film about a jaded rock star, though Scott admits he didn't read the full script until the day of his table read with Anne Hathaway. ' It was obvious to me I was way out of my league." There are roots acts that trade on their outsize (or outlaw) personalities – think Johnny Cash or, more recently, Deer Tick – but the Avett Brothers are not one of those bands.

"It's an emotional scene, and Anne starts welling up in tears," he says, as the bus rolls down the 101 freeway toward a Holiday Inn. Led by Scott and his somber, thickly bearded brother, Seth, 33, the Avetts have the industriousness of a Nashville band, keeping expenses low, studio output high and their nose to the grindstone.

A true artist through and through, you can't stop creating, and when you don't have a banjo in your hand, you're probably gripping a paintbrush or making some other type of beauty.

You're a optimistic dude with a certain respect for Carolina facial hair.