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So then, why have your on-line dating experiences been so unsuccessful?Is it because there are no decent members of the opposite sex available anymore? Perhaps you have not found the love of your life because you are not representing yourself well. There is an excellent chance that your online profile "lacks the luster" it needs to really show the world who you truly are.Meanwhile, Jeremy attempts to hit on a bride-to-be, and Morgan unexpectedly makes some extra cash as the club's bathroom attendant.When Josh invites Mindy to a Halloween party, Mindy stresses out about finding the perfect costume to impress him.

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Fix #2: You’re saying, in essence, “I don’t care where you live, write to me.” So that’s what men do!

I have tried many of the dating websites — Our Time (the only one I’m still using), Plenty of Fish, Match, e Harmony — to no avail. It’s true that it’s hard enough to meet single seniors, let alone find someone with whom we feel a connection.

Either the men who are interested in me won’t come into Brooklyn or meet me in NYC, or they are from another state and tell me how they would love to meet me, but I live too far away. I took off nine years from my real age in my dating profile. I get hundreds of emails, but in three years of being on Our Time, I went out on only one date with a nice guy, but I wasn’t attracted to him. Thank you for offering to send your profile and agreeing to let us publish it here, so that I can help you and others by being your “profile doctor.” Reading your profile, I spot two glaring reasons that you’re getting out-of-towners and pen pals. And there are reasons, too, that men are just looking to play.

In that capacity he reviewed literally tens of thousands on-line profiles of single, divorced, and widowed men and women.

Over the past year he has also done extensive work with clients on other on-line dating sites, such as and Our