Vegetarian dating australia

And don’t expect that your date will like the restaurant just because it says “vegetarian” on the awning.But the argument was dismissed by the ASA who added: 'It was clearly marketed at vegetarians and vegans by references to vegetarians throughout, such as "Find your veggie dates," "Meet single vegetarian men and women", "a trusted UK vegetarian online dating agency", "all looking for relationships with other Vegetarians!One downfall that could create some serious confusion though is the use of the eggplant emoji – is it a cheeky wang reference…or just an eggplant? But the newest online dating tool to launch in Australia aims to connect people with one big thing in common: they're all vegans or vegetarians.

Once a date finds out I’m vegetarian, they often try to impress me by taking me to an exclusively vegetarian restaurant or declaring that they won’t eat meat in front of me. If you don’t usually eat vegetarian food, ask one of your vegetarian friends for advice or consult online reviews.

V Love has been founded by entrepreneur and long-time vegan Amber Gouzy, who noticed her own circle struggling with online dating.

So she decided to create a service that would be help them meet like-minded people.

Picking an exclusively vegetarian restaurant is a bolder move, so you better know what you’re doing.

Just like “regular” restaurants, not all exclusively vegetarian restaurants serve great food.